About Me

Carp Old School
Carp Old School - the name of the company is nothing more than the history of carp angling in Poland, which I was a part of when it was born in the 80s/90s.

I often recall my first carp lure, which hung on a bristle made from my mother's hair. Although casting such a set so that the bait didn't break off bordered on the miraculous, it was a milestone in carp angling for me.

In those days protein balls were something unobtainable, so our basic baits/baits were grains. Over the years I created my secret recipes for preparing grains with the ability to store them without the need for preservation. My priority has always been QUALITY and therefore EFFICIENCY. Thanks to my grains I have caught countless carp over the years.

In my opinion, grains have always been the most effective bait and groundbait for carp.

Today, I put into your hands my greatest carp secrets of secret recipes, unparalleled quality locked in every product.