About Us

CARP OLD SCHOOL we are the largest producer of finished grains in the whole of Europe.

Our innovative production process has allowed us to achieve unprecedented quality and effectiveness of our grains. This is confirmed by countless numbers of carp caught and thus the happiness of satisfied customers.

Our grains are produced in a 100% natural process with a very long shelf life, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of our products.

A wide range of manufactured grains (tiger nut, maize, colza, hemp) in various flavours, mixes, through pack sizes from 1kg to 14kg are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes of carp anglers as well as delicate palates of carp.

In our offer you will also find a whole range of incredibly effective baits with our flagship Pizza'corn protected by trademark no. 004732261-0001.

We wish you as all carp dreams come true with Carp Old School grains.